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Yoon & Yang’s China Practice Group is a specialized team that can provide the highest caliber of legal services to Korean companies seeking to enter the Chinese market and Chinese companies seeking to enter the Korean market with respect to cross-border transactions, litigations and other disputes between Chinese and Korean companies.

The Group is led by Seung-Bok Nah, who obtained a Ph.D. in jurisprudence from Peking University Graduate School of Law in China, and is comprised of around ten Korean, Chinese and U.S. attorneys. Our Group provides the legal services of the highest caliber to clients in Korea and abroad based on a deep understanding of the Chinese legal system and business culture along with expert knowledge, unsurpassed experience and strong language skills.

Broad and expert legal services to Korean and Chinese companies
This Group provides Chinese legal advisory and litigation services covering areas such as investment, M&A, project financing (PF), non-performing loans (NPLs), real estate, trade, commerce and bond collection to a wide range of clients including the Korean government, associations and companies. In order to provide prompt and effective legal assistance, the Group maintains close cooperative relationships with several Chinese courts, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the Chinese central and local governments and various associations, and also holds close business relationships with leading law firms in China and Taiwan.

Our Group provides effective legal services relating to Korea in many areas including investment, M&A, intellectual property rights, IPO, trade, and litigation/arbitration to Chinese companies and associations in Korea and Chinese clients, through cooperation with the various expert legal teams at the firm as well as our advisors with expert insight in their respective fields.

Pioneering a Client-centric Legal Service Model
The Group provides expert and effective legal advice based on a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and alignment with our clients’ interests regarding the advice sought or the dispute at issue. We provide client-centric legal services in representing clients by providing real-time prevention and effective resolution of legal disputes.

Even when faced with novel challenges, our Group takes an optimistic and proactive approach to provide the best legal services to our clients, and have played a pioneering role regarding many matters that were historic firsts in Korea.

Our Group played a central role in providing advisory services to 3NOD Digital Group Co., Ltd. based in Shenzhen, China with respect to the first IPO of a Chinese firm on the Korean Stock Exchange in 2007. The Group also represented LS Industrial System Co., Ltd. in 2009 to obtain a decision from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce to exclude a joint firm from the application of the antitrust law for the first time in Korea. More recently, in 2012, we advised KINDEX ETF, the first company to invest in stocks issued in China, with respect to listing on the Korea Exchange securities market.


The China Practice Group provides the following comprehensive legal services to Korean and Chinese clients in Korean, Chinese and English from the preparatory stages to the closing stages of a transaction, and provides legal services regarding consultation, document preparation, legal reviews, participation in negotiations and representation in litigations:

Advice on overall investment issues including review of laws, preparation of contracts and articles of incorporation, and establishment of local subsidiaries
Legal advice on M&A, legal due diligence investigation and preparation of contracts, and relevant legal advisory services
Document preparation and legal advisory services on foreign borrowing, loans, securities and finance
Legal advice and representation concerning tax, administration, technology transfer, trademarks and patents
Legal advice and representation on dispute settlement cases such as bond collection, preservative measures, arbitration, litigation, compulsory enforcement
Advisory services to Chinese clients on various Korean law issues in Korea such as corporate legal matters, IPO, M&A, private equity fund (PEF), tax and labor issues
Represent Chinese clients in various litigations in Korea such as civil, criminal and, administrative matters regarding family, intellectual property and labor issues

Representative Matters

The China practice group has represented and assisted Korean and Chinese clients with respect to a variety of advisory and litigation services, including the following examples:

Investment, M&A, finance and securities in China for Korean clients

(1) Investment, real estate, M&A, etc
[ Investment and real estate ]
• Advisory services for YJ’s Beijing Construction Sales Project
• Advisory services for UT’s establishment of Qingdao Design Joint Venture Company
• Advisory services for KG’s Changchun Real Estate Development Project
• Advisory services for KC’s Beijing Building Purchase Agreement
• Advisory services for CA’s establishment of real estate and auto lease firms
• Advisory services for FT’s land use right transfer contract
• Advisory services for AC’s establishment of a construction company
• Advisory services for YL’s factory lease
• Advisory services for DT’s mobile content joint venture
• Advisory services for SJ’s launch into the additional telecommunication service business
• Advisory services for GR’s establishment of a game joint venture company
• Advisory services for CT’s technology support contract
• Advisory services for MC’s trademark purchase agreement
• Advisory services for SCC’s system licensing agreement
• Advisory services for DH’s equipment supply and technical support agreements
• Advisory services for GH’s transfer pricing taxation
• Advisory services to KX regarding foreign exchange and dividends
• Advisory services to NB regarding entry into the seed business

[ M&A ]
• Advised on HP’s purchase of a golf course company’s shares
Negotiation and advising on the sale of a refinery company to a Chinese company based on the shares of IP’s Chinese company
• Advised on KST’s Chinese share sale
• Advised on KH’s share sale and debt-to-equity swap of a Chinese chemical textile company
• Advised on HV’s acquisition of a Chinese company’s shares
• Advised on LO’s equity transfer of a company in Yantai, China
• Advised on CV’s Chinese factory sale
• Advised on MAC’s share acquisition of a Chinese real estate company
• Advised on KDB’s project relating to share sale of a Taiwan company
• Advised on LI’s acquisition of a Chinese company’s shares
• Advised on EL’s acquisition of the shares of a construction company in Kunsan, China
• Advised on Mr. C’s delegation of management regarding a manufacturing company

(2) Finance and securities
• Advisory services for SC’s establishment of a subsidiary
• Advisory services for HV’s bank borrowing project
• Advisory services for HB’s real estate development project financing
• Advisory services for KM’s Chinese real estate private equity trust project
• Advisory services for CH’s Tree Fund
• Advisory services for KM’s ship guarantee
• Advisory services for DA’s acquisition of Chinese Non-performing Loans (NPLs)
• Advisory services for DS’s foreign guarantee agreement
• Advisory services for SI’s exercise of security right in China
• Advisory services for BS’s Gold Fund
• Advisory services for GH’s loan sale

Investment, M&A, finance and securities in Korea for Chinese clients

[ IPO ]
Represented 3NOD Digital Group Co., Ltd. regarding its listing on KOSDAQ (the first IPO of a Chinese company on KOSDAQ)
• Represented Fuijan-based China Great Star International Limited regarding its listing on KOSDAQ
• Represented Guangdong-based SF regarding its listing on the Korean securities market
• Represented Fuijan-based CM regarding its listing on the Korean stock market

[ Investment and M&A ]
• Advised on Chinese B’s acquisition of a casino business
• Advised on Chinese CDB’s Jeju real estate development fund financing
• Advised on Chinese ZH’s trust stock of a Korean company
• Advised on Chinese Y’s establishment of a local subsidiary in Korea
• Advised on Chinese TS’ establishment of a local subsidiary in Korea
• Advised on Chinese HW’s closure of an office and establishment of a local subsidiary in Korea
• Advised on Chinese HW’s asset acquisition in Korea
• Advised on Chinese AC’s takeover of semiconductor production lines
• Advised on Taiwanese TR’s places of origin
• Advised on Chinese L’s debt guarantee

Litigation and trade for Korean and Chinese clients

[ Korean clients ]
• Advisory services for AM’s claim regarding damages related to licensing
• Advisory services for SW’s cancellation of trademark registration
• Advisory services for AL’s patent infringement suit
• Advisory services for AMO’s dispute concerning payment for ship export
• Advisory services for YS’s litigation in Shanghai
• Advisory services for SW’s trade arbitration and revocation of provisional attachment
• Advisory services for KCT’s trade dispute in Taiwan
• Advisory services for FT’s trade dispute
• Advisory services for TM’s trade arbitration

[ China clients ]
• Advised on a trade claim of PX in Henan Province, China
• Advised on a claim for contractual penalty of YD in Hebei Province, China
• Advised on claim for payment for goods on behalf of SF in Jiangsu Province, China
• Advised on claim for payment for goods on behalf of WX in Shandong Province, China
• Advised on claim for payment for marine products on behalf of KY in Qingdao, China
• Negotiated for recovery of payment for exports on behalf of NX in Quindao
• Advised on Chinese SL’s enforcement judgment of arbitration
• Advised on Chinese H’s bond collection
• Defended Chinese national Mr. X in criminal litigation (the special robbery case)
• Represented client in a fraud complaint suit by SF in Jiangsu Province, China
• Advised on Taiwanese S’s payment for goods
• Advised on claim for payment for goods on behalf of Taiwanese GT

[ Trade ]
Advisory services for the Chinese anti-dumping case regarding corrugated cardboards of Korean KH and DI
• Represented client in a Korean anti-dumping case regarding Chinese GZ’s Sodium hydrosulfite
Represented client in a Korean anti-dumping re-examination case regarding Chinese GZ’s Sodium hydrosulfite
• Represented client in a Korean anti-dumping case regarding Chinese EB’s tiles
• Represented client in a Korean anti-dumping case regarding Chinese JJ’s glass
• Represented client in a Korean anti-dumping case regarding Chinese JY’s ethyl acetate

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