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SANG OH JEON / Partner



Sang Oh Jeon is a partner at Yoon & Yang LLC (Subcontracting Team and Distribution Policy Team). His main practice areas are antitrust and fair trade laws (including the subcontracting law, retail business law, and the franchise business law), compliance, international contracts, corporate consulting services, and international litigation.

He specializes in advice on the Korea Fair Trade Commission’s investigations regarding various domestic and foreign cartel cases; unfair trade practice cases; violation of the Subcontracting Act; violation of the retail business law; and the franchise business law. He also handles civil cases (damages claim) and administrative litigation against dispositions of the Korea Fair Trade Commission, as well as provides compliance advice to major domestic and foreign companies.


University of Southern California Gould School of Law, LL.M.
Hanyang University, Graduate School in International Trade Law
Seoul National University, B.A. in Psychology


Partner, Yoon & Yang LLC (formerly Yoon Yang Kim Shin & Yu, 2006-2009)
Non Government Advisor, International Competition Network
Legal Advisor and Director, Korean Federation of Middle & High School Athletic Associations
Lecturer, Korea Productivity Center (anti-trust & subcontracting laws)
Yonsei University, Franchise Business Course
Lecture, Maeil Economy Education Center (retail business & franchise business laws)
Lecturer, Fair Competition Federation
Seoul National University, School of Law, Fair Trade Expert Course
Associate, Yoon & Yang LLC
Public Attorney, Ministry of Justice
Completed the 34th Class of the Judicial Training and Research Institute
Passed the 44th Korean Bar Examination


  1. Half Price Real Estate Agent’s Commission and Antitrust Law – Competition and Law (April) (Legal Times, 2015)
  2. GCR (Global Competition Review) Knowhow - Immunity, Sanction & Settlements (Korea) (Co-Author, 2015-2018)
  3. Applicable Law regarding Tender Cartel and Calculation of Related Sales – Case Study on Economic Law Vol. 9, Economic Law Case Study Association (Co-Author, 2015)
  4. GTDT(Getting The Deal Through) - e-Commerce (Korea) (Co-Author, 2017~2019)
  5. Law Business Research – Franchise Law Review(Korea) (Co-Author, 2017~2019)

Representative Matters

  • Cartel case involving foreign currency exchange
  • Cartel case involving steelmakers
  • Cartel case involving Incheon International Airport Corporation and duty-free stores
  • Cartel case involving Japanse electronic component manufacturers
  • Cartel case involving fuel surcharge
  • Cartel case involving marine hose
  • Cartel case involving numerous construction companies
(regarding the Honam High Speed Railway, the Gyeongin Canal, the Daegu subway, and the Busan subway and in subsequent administrative lawsuits)
  • Cartel case involving household appliance
  • Represented an autopart manufacturer in the Korea Fair Trade Commission’s investigation on autopart manufacturers’ bid-rigging 

[Undue Support & Funneling]
  • Funneling case involving Hanjin Group
  • Undue support case involving LS Group
  • Funneling case involving a business group
  • Funneling case involving a business group
  • Undue support case involving a business group
  • Advised on compliance regarding internal trade of business groups
  • Others
[Unfair Trade & Fair Agency Transactions Act]
  • Handled Korea Fair Trade Commission’s investigation into unfair trade practice of telecom operators and smartphone manufacturers, and handled damages claim cases
  • Handled damages claim case regarding unfair trade practice of dairy product manufacturer
  • Advised a business group on compliance with the Fair Agency Transactions Act
[Act on Fair Transactions in Large Franchise & Retail Business ]
  • Handled case on the violation of the Act by a social commerce operator
  • Handled case on the violation of the Act by a category killer company
  • Handled case on the violation of the Act by companies
[Subcontracting Act]
  • Handled case on the violation of the Act by a chemical company
  • Handled case on the violation of the Act by a shipbuilding engine company
  • Handled case on the violation of the Act by a logistics company
  • Handled case on the violation of the Act by a shipbuilding company
  • Advised companies on the request for tender participation restriction)
[Fair Transactions in Franchise Buinsess Act]
  • Handled the constitutional appeal case on the Enforcement Decree of the Act (franchise deposit difference)
  • Advised on the Act for companies

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