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2017 Asia Tax Policy Firm of the Year

2017. 05. 04

On May 4, 2017, Yoon & Yang was recognized as the “Asia Tax Policy Firm of the Year” at the Asia Tax Awards 2017 held in Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore.
The Asia Tax Awards is a distinguished annual ceremony to recognize law firms specialized in tax, accounting firms, and tax authorities of high excellence, which are selected through a comprehensive evaluation of the performance and reputation.
The recognition of “Asia Tax Policy Firm of the Year” is significant in that competitors are comprised of not only Korean law firms, but also all law firms and accounting firms from 18 nations in the Asia Pacific region.  Yoon & Yang was selected as the final winner amongst the strong competitors including global accounting firms, EY and KPMG, as well as Dhruva Advisors, an Indian professional tax law firm.
The award of “Asia Tax Policy Firm of the Year” is given to the firm that contributed the most to the development of tax policy in the Asian region and includes acts such as assistance with legislative drafting, representation in industry associations or participation in outsourced policy research.  Yoon & Yang has continued to provide various organizations, including the Korean government, with consistent high quality consultations regarding tax policies.


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