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In January 2008, Yoon & Yang LLC opened an office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in order to provide effective and efficient support and legal solutions for an increasing number of Korean companies making inroads into CIS countries, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Uzbekistan is the largest market in Central Asia with abundant natural resources and has recently been promised an Economic Development Cooperation Fund grant in the amount of USD 60,000,000 by the Korean government. Economic cooperation between the two countries is currently booming, especially in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Korean conglomerates, state-run companies and financial institutions are actively entering this market and there is a rising need for legal services both in Korea and Uzbekistan. Yoon & Yang LLC, the leader in globalization among Korean law firms, is the first major Korean law firm to open an office in Tashkent. Through such office, the firm is now able to provide more efficient and comprehensive legal services for Korean companies making direct investments in Russia and other CIS countries, developing natural resources and real properties, engaging in social overhead capital (SOC) projects, conducting M&A and engaging in other businesses.

The Tashkent office is headed by Han Chil Kim, a Russian attorney, who is assisted by Uzbekistan attorneys Sanjar Alimov and Isroil Khujaqoolov. Mr. Kim has handled cases relating to Russia and CIS nations for many years and has taught Russian law as a professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

The Seoul office of Yoon & Yang LLC has a Central Asia team, which is widely regarded as the most experienced and skilled in this practice area in Korea. The team is led by managing partner Seung-Soon Choi with assistance from partners Soongki Yi and Zunu Lee as well as attorneys Sang Man Kim, and Jae Ryoung Lee. The Central Asia team works in close cooperation with the Tashkent office. The Tashkent office of Yoon & Yang LLC has ample professional capability and experience to provide prompt and effective solutions to any legal issues which companies from Korea or other countries may face in Russia and other CIS nations.

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Tashkent Office

타쉬켄트 사무소의 주소, 전화, 팩스, 이메일안내
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