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Based on its experience of providing legal advice and resolving disputes for Korean companies doing business in Indonesia, Yoon & Yang LLC established the Korean Desk within Law Office Amir Syamsudin & Partners. Law Office Amir Syamsudin & Partners was incorporated in November 2018 by former Indonesian Minister of Justice Amir Syamsudin.

As a repository of rich natural resources with population of 250 million, Indonesia has seen a continuous economic growth of 5 to 6% over the recent years. In January 2019, Standard Chartered predicted that, based on the PPP (purchasing power parity)-adjusted exchange rate and GDP, Indonesia would become the world’s fourth largest economy in 2030. Accordingly, Korean companies are actively expanding their presence in the Indonesian market from traditional forest and resources development and toll processing of textile/clothing/shoes, etc. to a large project for construction of a steel mill in cooperation with Indonesia’s state-owned steel company and various service industries such as finance and distribution, etc. The Korean government is also paying attention to Indonesia as a strategic partner for its new southern policies.

In order to respond to the needs of Korean companies and its clients, Yoon & Yang LLC established the Jakarta Korean Office and dispatched CHA Ji-hoon, the head of the Southeast Asia Team who has rendered legal advice on various aspects of Korean companies’ penetration into Indonesian markets including finance, M&A, construction and real estate and international arbitration, etc., and LEE Dae-ho who obtained his master’s degree in law (Magister Hukum) at UPH in Indonesia and published Introduction to Indonesian Laws. The Jakarta Korean Desk is providing high-quality legal services in various matters, e.g. M&A, finance, construction and real estate, energy, incorporation and liquidation of local companies, arbitration and dispute resolution, in collaboration with more than 400 professionals at the Seoul office.

The Jakarta Korean Desk is committed to becoming a true specialist in Indonesia that always provides the clients with satisfactory services that best serve the needs of clients in Indonesia. To this end, it is working very closely not only with partner law firms but also with the most reliable and competent local professionals.

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