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Yoon & Yang LLC, consisting of warm-hearted
professionals with the highest level of legal
expertise and experience, is the elite law firm in Korea.

To provide top quality legal services in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.
The first priority of Yoon & Yang LLC has been and will continue to be the provision of top quality legal services to clients in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. The firm provides comprehensive yet specialized legal services optimized for all types of legal issues in Korea and abroad. Our attorneys and experts, who are recognized as leaders in their respective fields, are organized into specialized teams which cooperate with one another to create synergy and to optimize efficiency.
To observe the highest ethical principles of lawyers.
All members of the firm contribute to the promotion of an advanced legal culture in Korea by exercising a correct sense of values and practicing the highest ethical principles.
To earn and respect the trust of clients.
Yoon & Yang LLC endeavors to provide clients with legal services that are reliable and trustworthy with the mindset of always thinking from the perspective of clients. We believe that it is possible to provide clients with top quality legal services only when the clients’ confidence and trust in the firm has been earned through care and attention to their needs.
To exercise compassion and social responsibility.
All members of the firm place great value on compassion toward others. The firm’s activities for public welfare, which are based on our social responsibility as legal professionals, are expanding in line with the firm’s growth. The firm helps underprivileged and disadvantaged people through financial support of various charities as well as the provision of pro bono legal services.
To grow into a world-class law firm based in Korea.
Yoon & Yang LLC endeavors to select and cultivate talented professionals based on the philosophy that its professionals are its most important assets. In order to provide clients with optimized legal services, the firm has recruited experts who are recognized in their respective fields, such as finance and antitrust, and maintains a close relationship with a number of leading law firms around the world. The firm supports its members in their development by providing them with ample opportunities for specialized education, including overseas study and participation in training and seminars.

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