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Criminal Law


Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group consists of highly qualified attorneys renowned for their expertise in dealing with criminal investigations and litigation. The members of the Group include former prosecutors and judges who have extensive first-hand experience in criminal proceedings.

With the experience and judgment of its members, the Group provides a holistic approach to respond to every type and stage of criminal investigations and litigation. The Group represents clients in investigations and enforcement actions by the police, the Prosecutor’s Office and other investigative agencies such as: The Board of Audit and Inspection, the Fair Trade Commission, the Financial Supervisory Service, the Korea Food and Drug Administration, the National Tax Service, the Korea Customs Service, and the Regional Environmental Offices. Where investigations lead to criminal prosecution, the Group defends clients by devising strategies to achieve the most favorable results.

As corporate activities increase in complexity, corporate criminal cases become increasingly diverse. To effectively address criminal cases involving a wide variety of issues, the Group draws on the full range of our skills and resources. We collaborate with attorneys from other practice groups to take advantage of their expertise in fields such as M&A, antitrust, intellectual property, etc. The Group also works closely with expert advisors who were former senior officials at government investigation agencies such as the Financial Supervisory Service and the National Tax Service. This interdisciplinary approach enables the best outcome for our clients in various types of investigations and litigation. The Group represents clients in every stage of criminal proceedings from the pre-investigation stage until the conclusion of criminal litigation. As criminal cases often involve multiple jurisdictions, the Group also frequently collaborates with foreign professionals and experts in order to best serve our clients’ needs.

In addition to representing clients in connection with criminal investigations and litigation, the Group also provides comprehensive legal services, including conducting risk assessment, designing and implementing compliance frameworks, and performing internal investigations of potential wrongdoings.


Bribery & Corruption Prevention
With growing global awareness of anti-corruption practices, companies increasingly need to ensure their integrity and eliminate the risk of corrupt corporate governance by diagnosing such issues in advance. With years of experience in frontline investigation, Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group offers a wide range of legal services for the establishment of transparent governance systems to prevent damages arising from various types of bribes and corruption.

Internal Audit Survey
The global corporate community is placing increasingly heavy emphasis on implementing internal business auditing systems to minimize potential business loss and risk. Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group satisfies our clients’ needs while maintaining strict confidentiality, and delivers results for risk management through conducting efficient investigations and audits.

Finance, Insurance and Securities
In the rapidly shifting, globalized financial markets, quick response to various finance-related criminal cases is becoming increasingly important. Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group provides offers legal services in response to such cases, and delivers outstanding results in coordination with the firm’s Finance Practice Group.

Taxes, customs duties and foreign exchange
Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group, in conjunction with the firm’s Customs Practice Group, combines expertise and experience to deliver favorable results to clients in criminal investigations and litigation of issues over tax, customs, and foreign exchange. Our in-depth expertise of the complex rules and regulations governing cross-border tax evasion and foreign exchange enables us to gain the best possible outcome for our clients.

Fair Trade & Antitrust
With the growing emphasis on economic democracy, corporations are facing increasingly stringent standards and harsher penalties for antitrust violations. Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group provides the highest level of representation for corporate defendants against criminal accusation, based on years of experience and expertise defending corporate criminal cases.

Intellectual Property
In recent years, intellectual property disputes have become more complex, and the importance of sophisticated technical analysis and advice has increased. Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group has extensive experience in providing effective advocacy services in diverse intellectual property infringement disputes which commonly involve cross-border aspects.

Construction & Real Estate
Various criminal matters may arise in the course of real estate development and construction projects which include large-scale redevelopment and reconstruction projects. Based on our broad range of experience in litigation and expertise in various relevant regulations and case law, Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group aims to provide advocacy services tailored for each client.

With increasing public concern and attention to health and healthcare services, the risk of criminal indictment in the medical, medicinal, and pharmaceutical sectors has escalated significantly. Relevant regulations have been amended to strengthen monitoring and implement stricter punitive measures, including corporate vicarious criminal liability for medical rebates that used to be a common practice. Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group is committed to providing effective advocacy services in coordination with the professionals of the firm’s Health Care Practice Group.

Since the Sewol Ferry incident, prosecution for accidents is increasing in severity. Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group provides proactive advocacy services based on our expertise and experience in handling a wide variety of accidents.

Human Resources and Labor Relations
The criteria for unfair labor practices are becoming more stringent due to growing concern over polarization of the workforce. Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Law Practice Group provides advocacy services based on expertise and experience in labor law and practices.

Representative Matters

Bribery & Corruption Prevention
Won acquittal of a central government senior official in a bribery case
Won acquittal of a supervisory organization official in a bribery case
Won acquittal of a local government head in a bribery case
Won acquittal of a local government head in a case involving election law violations
Won a non-indictment decision for a client in a case involving alleged breach of trust

Internal Audit
Offered internal audit-related services to multinational companies relating to bribery by directors and officers, among other corruption issues

Finance, Insurance and Securities
Won acquittal of employees of a major financial institution over knock-in/knock-out (KIKO) agreements
Won acquittal in fund-related fraud cases
Won acquittal in M&A-related business misappropriation cases
Won acquittal in price manipulation cases

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