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Employment & Labor


Yoon & Yang’s Employment & Labor Practice Group, which is comprised of employment lawyers, certified labor consultants, and foreign legal advisors, provides practical and detailed legal counsel on a wide range of legal issues that may occur in the area of employment and labor law. In addition to rendering effective advisory services on employment and labor issues, the Group also represents clients in negotiations to resolve labor disputes, and proceedings before the Labor Commission and courts.

In the past, companies were predominantly faced with relatively simple labor relations issues such as disciplinary measures, unemployment, and other related matters. Recently, however, labor issues have become more complex with legislative efforts to strengthen labor regulations and heighten penalties for unfair labor practices. Recent developments involving collective bargaining/unions, intra-company subcontracted workers or temporary workers, ordinary wages, and retirement policies have further complicated labor issues.

The Group has the expertise and capability to address increasingly intricate employment and labor issues. The highly accomplished professionals of the Group have extensive experience in employment and labor issues. The members of the Group include lawyers who have previously served as judges dedicated to labor law matters. Based on their expertise and experience, the members of the Group provide optimal solutions to employment and labor issues faced by clients. The members of the Group also frequently publish commentaries on employment and labor laws, and are active participants in shaping the country’s employment and labor law landscape.


Collective Labor Relations
Counseling clients on issues involving unions’ activities, collective bargaining agreements, employment agreements, rules of employment, personnel policies, or disciplinary regulations
Representing clients in negotiations or civil, criminal, and administrative litigations
Counseling clients on issues involving sexual harassment in the workplace
Counseling clients on issues involving labor-management councils
Counseling and representation clients in labor disputes and unfair labor practices such as interference with labor union activities and unfair employment practices
Counseling clients on issues involving unified labor unions

Individual Labor Relations
Advisory services concerning employment contracts, service contracts, consulting contracts, termination contracts, non-competition contracts, and confidentiality contracts
Advisory services concerning unfair labor practices such as wrongful termination, unjust wage or severance payment, and unjustified disciplinary actions
General counseling concerning ordinary wage, severance payment, pensions, and other forms of payment
Counseling regarding voluntary employee benefit programs including stock options and incentives
Advisory services concerning privacy protection and protection of sensitive corporate information
Advisory services concerning temporary employment contracts

Representation in Labor Disputes
Representing clients in civil, criminal, and administrative proceedings involving labor issues
Representing clients in cases involving claims that arise from changes to wage, retirement allowance, and average wage
Representing clients in criminal cases regarding violation of the Labor Standards Act or the Labor Relations Adjustment Act

Labor Issues on Corporate Restructuring
General counseling and legal representation concerning corporate internal restructuring and workforce reduction, including lay-offs, organizational, or personnel
Counseling clients on processes for improving standards of low-achieving employees, and review of appropriateness for roles
Counseling clients on overall relations including transfer of individual labor relations and collective labor relations originating from corporate establishment, M&A, corporate spin-offs and business transfer
Counseling clients on optimal personnel management in workforce outsourcing, dispatching of workers, and related matters
Counseling clients on the legality of employing temporary employees, fixed-term employees, and dispatch workers

Industrial Accidents
Representing clients in various suits on compensation for industrial accidents and occupational accidents, including medical treatment benefits, sick leave benefits, disability benefits, and survivor benefits
Representing clients in claims for industrial accident compensation insurance benefits, including claims for medical care, medical treatment benefits, sick leave benefits, disability benefits, survivor benefits, and performance on insurance premium-related matters
General counseling on industrial accidents and occupational safety and health
Counseling clients on statutory social insurance programs including employment insurance, national pension insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance and health insurance
Counseling clients on decisions about occupational diseases and occupational injuries including diseases resulting from excessive labor and stress, claims regarding industrial accident compensation, and defense and representation in civil, criminal and administrative litigation
Counseling and representing clients concerning insurance benefit claims by public servants, soldiers, school personnel, seamen, and other persons

Representative Matters

Represented clients in the Supreme Court case regarding issues under the Act on the Protection of Temporary Workers, which was selected as the Case of the Year 2008 by Hankyoreh 21
Represented the families of the victims of industrial accident at a semiconductor factory of Samsung Electronics in industrial accident administrative litigation
Advised Kia Motors Ltd regarding corporate performance management process
Represented clients in a case involving termination of employment for sexual harassment at Incheon International Airport
Represented clients in a case involving the cancellation of the termination of employment of public officials
Advised foreign companies including BATK, Otis Elevator, and Bayer Korea Ltd. concerning human resource management and preliminary measures
Advised and represented Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors in termination of employment cases
Represented clients in industrial accident and negligence cases involving railroad construction workers and school principals
Advised and represented clients in severance pay cases

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