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General Finance


Yoon & Yang’s Finance Practice Group is comprised of around 50 attorneys with extensive knowledge and practical experience in financial transactions and finance-related industries. The Group often recruits talented attorneys and experienced professionals from the Financial Supervisory Service in order to provide comprehensive financial advisory services and implement a channel of communication through which attorneys communicate regularly with financial supervisory authorities, which effectively prevents any wasteful disputes in the future.

The Group creates for corporate clients most effective financing structures to raise funds. Our professionals possess extensive experience and knowledge in traditional financial transactions and various types of structured finance transactions. Moreover, the Group has specialized knowledge and experience regarding structuring of M&A deals, transactions involving financial derivatives such as CDS, CDO, securitization of assets, and project financing for investments in social infrastructure and shipbuilding.

The Group has extensive knowledge and practical experience in the area of financial regulations concerning banks and financial holding companies, investment companies, insurance companies, savings banks, and other financial institutions. The members of the Group have experience dealing with cases involving licensing of financial institutions, financial regulations of financial supervisory authorities, and inspections and sanctions imposed on financial institutions. Based on our expertise and experience, we can readily provide our clients with top-quality legal services for any financial disputes by providing advisory services and representation in litigation or mediation, investigation and criminal defense.


Banks and Financial Holding Companies
Our Group has provided extensive counsel to financial holding companies, commercial banks, mutual savings banks, foreign banks, and subsidiaries and branch offices of foreign banks. We provide legal advisory services on matters of financial transactions such as formation of financial holding companies and banks, change of control, formation of subsidiary companies, amalgamation, composition and resolution of board of directors, matters relating to corporate governance, deposits and loans, project financing, structured finance, derivative transactions, foreign exchange services, trade financing, merger and acquisitions, debt-financing, review on managerial and financial statements, and defense and response to financial supervisory authorities’ regulations.

Non-banking Financial Companies
Our Group has extensive knowledge and experience through our prior dealings with commercial banks, credit card companies, leasing companies, hire-purchase finance companies, various trusts, and other non-banking financial companies. We have advised those companies on matters regarding regulatory sanctions on operational activities, asset management, and other issues relating to integrity and legal compliance. Our Group in particular has extensive experience with compliance issues and practical

Based on expertise and experience accumulated during years of practice, Yoon & Yang provides professional legal advisory services in the areas of insurance law, in particular, matters regarding interpretation and application of finance related laws and regulations. We also maintain a close, cooperative relationship with relevant institutions, including the insurance supervisory authorities, Korean Life Insurance Association, and General Insurance Association of Korea, in order to respond to the ever-changing environment of the insurance industry in a timely manner.

Financial Institution M&A
Our Group advises on matters regarding M&A of financial institutions, including transfer of stocks, mergers, and splitting. The Group also advises clients on issues relating to formation of M&A financing structure, performance of due diligence, biddings, stock purchase contracts, M&A contracts, matters relating to labor relations and taxation, and anti-competition issues. We have experience and expertise on every aspect of M&A transactions.

Project Finance
Yoon & Yang has extensive knowledge and practical experience in SOC such as road, harbor, and school building construction. By combining extensive experience related to a wide range of SOC projects (i.e., roads, sea ports, and schools) and domestic and international real estate development projects, our Group provides premium legal services regarding all aspects of project finance, including but not limited to analysis of the optimal project structures, execution of business agreements, concession agreements, joint venture agreements, shareholders agreement, establishment of project financing vehicles (PFV), setting up funds related to projects, syndicate loans, establishment of security or trust agreements, and agreements on fund management.

Structured Financing
Our Group has successfully provided advisory services on all types of domestic and foreign structured financing transactions. We have earned the trust of our clients by providing the best and most efficient legal advice on complex securitization and structured financing transactions involving many stakeholders, tailored specifically to fit the needs of our clients. Based on a complete and comprehensive understanding of our clients’ interests and intentions, we aim to maximize benefits while minimizing risk of future disputes.

Our professionals include nationally recognized trust experts who provide the highest level of legal services to our clients. We have extensive experience handling various issues arising from many different types of trusts including development trusts, management trusts and collateral trusts (now widely used in large-scale real estate developments), money trust for asset liquidation of accounts receivables, trusts for project finance, and trusts formed specifically for financing the acquisition of a company through private equity fund (PEF). From structuring a trust and drafting trust agreements, providing legal advices pertaining to management and transfer of trust assets, to representing in litigations, such as litigation for cancellation of fraudulent trusts, our Group provides the best legal services tailored to the needs of our clients.

Financial Regulations and Compliance
Yoon & Yang provides representation and advisory services to banks, financial investors (security companies, asset management firms, hedge funds, etc.), insurance companies, commercial banks, hire-purchase finance companies (card companies or investment managers), venture capitals, and all other types of domestic financial institutions on matters related to regulatory compliance, restrictions imposed by financial supervisory authorities, and other statutory compliance matters. We strive to provide the most efficient and qualified advisory and litigation services to our clients on such matters.

Financial Disputes
Yoon & Yang has been successfully leading cases and has been acknowledged as the top law firm in Korea on matters related to financial derivative disputes, knock-in/knock-out Currency Option Derivatives, Equity Linked Securities, Equity Linked Warrants, Index Arbitrage Trades, and other complex financial disputes and transactions. Based on these capabilities, we provide representation and advisory services in response to the most sophisticated legal issues from our clients regarding complex financial transactions.

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