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The relative importance of the aviation freight industry has significantly increased over the past decades. Yoon & Yang’s Aviation Practice Group offers a full range of legal advisory and professional dispute settlement services on all types of aviation disputes involving domestic and foreign airlines, aviation freight forwarders, distributors and agents, consignors and shippers of every type in the aviation freight industry.

Since the nature of these international aviation disputes often accompanies multi-jurisdictional issues with large monetary damages claims, our Group consists of specialized attorneys, both Korean and Foreign, and professionals who possess expertise and extensive firsthand experience relating to the aviation freight industry. Especially with cross-border aviation cases, our Group works closely with globally-renowned foreign law firms when necessary in order to provide the most expeditious and best service for our clients.


Provide advisory and litigation services concerning aviation accidents
Provide advisory and litigation services concerning aviation freight transportation
Provide advisory and litigation services concerning sale, lease and financing of aircrafts
Provide advisory and litigation services regarding international treaties and conventions on aircrafts (the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention)
Provide advisory and dispute settlement services relating to other aviation issues

Representative Matters

Consulted and represented the families of deceased in the Korean Air crash case
Consulted and litigated in a case where the multinational freight company sued the freight broker, agent and insurance parties for freight damages
Represented deceased family and damaged parties suing airplane companies in class action suits
Provided advisory services with regard to formation and management of aircraft funds

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