Jinsu Jeong Managing Partner
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  • TEL 82 2 6003 7103
  • FAX 82 2 6003 7013
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Jinsu Jeong is a partner at Yoon & Yang LLC, and his main practice Areas include corporate commercial, civil and criminal litigation, and corporate governance.
Mr. Jeong has served as a judge at various court levels, including the Seoul Central District Court (Civil Affairs Division) and the Seoul Western District Court. While serving as a judicial researcher at the Supreme Court, he specialized in securities and insurance disputes and management rights disputes in the “Commercial Joint Research Group.”
Mr. Jeong also served as a professor at the Judicial Research & Training Institute and an adjunct professor at the Korea University School of Law and the Seoul National University’s School of Law.
He has vast experience in handling financial derivatives cases that garnered public attention (including the KIKO and ELS cases), as well as various corporate commercial, civil and criminal cases involving the violation of the Securities Transaction Act, corporate breach of trust, and embezzlement.


  • 2018-present Managing Partner, Yoon & Yang LLC (formerly Yoon Yang Kim Shin & Yu, 2006-2009)
  • 2019-present Vice Chairman, Audit committee of Court
  • 2010-present Member, Deliberation Commission under the Center on Sound Management of Civil Affairs on Communications, Korea Association of Information & Telecommunication
  • 2018-22 Auditor, Korean Volleyball Federation
  • 2017-20 Outside Director & Inspection Committee Member, Korean Air
  • 2011-13 Adjunct Professor, Seoul National University School of Law
  • 2010-20 Member, Human Rights Commission, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
  • 2010-12 Adjunct Professor, Korea University School of Law
  • 2009-11 Professor, Judicial Research & Training Institute (Civil Attorney Practice)
  • 2005-07 Research Judge, Supreme Court (Commercial Joint Research Group)
  • 2002-05 Judge, Seoul Western District Court
  • 2000-02 Judge, Seoul District Court
  • 1997-00 Judge, Jeonju District Court, Gunsan Branch (Iksan City Court Judge; Chairman of Iksan City Election Commission)
  • 1995-97 Judge, Seoul District Court, Dongbu Branch
  • 1993-95 Judge, Seoul District Civil Court


  • 2003-04 Harvard Law School, Visiting Scholar
  • 1993 Judicial Training & Research Institute
  • 1985 Seoul National University College of Law, LL.B.