Tae Won Son Partner
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  • TEL 82 2 6182 8137
  • FAX 82 2 6003 7012
  • E-MAIL
Tae Won Son is a Partner at Yoon & Yang LLC, and his main practice areas include criminal litigation related to real estate, construction, companies, white collar crimes, anti-corruption, and financial crimes.
Mr. Son has built extensive experience handling litigation and arbitration cases related to real estate & construction disputes, such as advance payments & guarantees, additional construction payments, as well as lawsuits regarding reconstruction/rebuilding projects, while continuing to improve his knowledge by taking relevant education courses, etc. He has also successfully handled criminal suits relating to bribery cases of high-ranking officials, corporate breach of trust & embezzlement cases, financial crimes, and pre-arrest review cases.


  • 2015-present Yoon & Yang LLC
  • 2016-present Advisor, Legal Advisory Group for Outbound SMEs, Ministry of Justice
  • 2013-15 Public Service Advocate, International Legal Affairs Department (Investor State Dispute), Ministry of Justice
  • 2012-13 Public Service Advocate, Korea Legal Aid Corporation


  • 2020 University of Melbourne Law School, LL.M. (Construction Law)
  • 2013 Korea University Graduate School of Law, LL.M. (Commercial law)
  • 2012 Judicial Research and Training Institute
  • 2009 Korea University College of Law, LL.B.