Geunbae Park Partner
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  • TEL 82 2 6182 8384
  • FAX 82 2 6003 7036
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Geunbae Park is a partner at Yoon & Yang LLC, and his main practice area includes national defense, public contracts, real estate and construction (public construction), and corporate law.
Mr. Park served as the staff judge advocate and the head of high prosecutors’ office at the Legal Affairs Division of the ROK Army Headquarters and the 1st Infantry Division, a military judge of the 1st ROK Army Command, the head of high prosecutors’ office of the Capital Defense Command, a military judge of the ROK Army Headquarters, and a legal affairs officer of the Presidential Security Service. Subsequently, he worked at Jipyong LLC and Hanwha Group Management Support Office as a legal counsel. He also worked at Hanwha Defense Co., Ltd. as the head of the Legal Compliance Team.


  • 2020-present Yoon & Yang LLC
  • 2018-20 Head of Legal Compliance Team, Hanwha Defense Co., Ltd
  • 2017-18 Legal Counsel, Management Support Office of Hanwha Group
  • 2014-17 Jipyong LLC
  • 2011-14 Legal Affairs Officer, Presidential Security Service
  • 2010-11 Military Judge, ROK Army Headquarters
  • 2009-10 Head of High Prosecutors’ Office, Capital Defense Command
  • 2008-09 Military Judge, the 1st ROK Army Command
  • 2007-08 Staff Judge Advocate and Head of High Prosecutors’ Office, 1st Infantry Division of the ROK Army
  • 2006-07 Legal Affairs Division, ROK Army Headquarters


  • 2014 Korea University Graduate School of Law, LL.D.
  • 2012 Korea University Graduate School of Law, LL.M.
  • 2006 Judicial Research and Training Institute
  • 1996 Korea University College of Law, LL.B.


  • Commendation of the President (2013)
  • Commendation of the Minister of the Presidential Security Service (2012)
  • Commendation of the Army chief of Staff (2010)


  • Study on Price Determination Structure of Contract for Military Supply and Relief of Rights of Defense Industry Companies. Korea University LL.D. Dissertation. 2022.
  • Study on the Establishment and Implementation of Public Procurement Contracts, Korea University LL.M. Dissertation, 2012.
  • Liabilities from Unreasonable Termination of Contract Negotiations and Reservation of Contracts, Hanyang Jurisprudence, 2014