Jin Seok Lee Partner
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  • TEL 82 2 6182 8387
  • FAX 82 2 6003 7038
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Jin Seok Lee is a partner at Yoon & Yang LLC, and his main practice areas include tax, criminal defense, litigation and arbitration, and financial and capital markets.
Mr. Lee has extensive experience dealing with litigation cases while working at the Suwon District Court, Seoul High Court, Seoul District Court, Daegu District Court (Andong Branch), Seoul Administrative Court, and Suwon District Court. In addition, he accumulated expertise in the tax field while serving as a research judge at the Supreme Court and undergoing various judicial researches. He retired from public officer as a presiding judge at Jeju District Court and Incheon District Court. Since joining Yoon & Yang, Mr. Lee has primarily handled major civil, administrative and criminal cases involving Invossa, Optimus Fund, and Daejang-dong City Development Project.


  • 2020-present Yoon & Yang LLC
  • 2022-present Adjunct Professor, Seoul National University School of Law
  • 2021-present Arbitrator, Korean Commercial Arbitration Board
  • 2019-20 Presiding Judge, Incheon District Court
  • 2018-19 Presiding Judge, Jeju District Court
  • 2017 Judicial Research
  • 2016-17 Presiding Judge, Jeju District Court
  • 2014-16 Research Judge, Supreme Court
  • 2010-14 Judge, Suwon District Court
  • 2008-10 Judge, Seoul Administrative Court
  • 2005-08 Judge, Andong Branch of the Daegu District Court
  • 2003-05 Judge, Seoul District Court
  • 2002-03 Preliminary Judge, Seoul High Court
  • 2001-02 Preliminary Judge, Suwon District Court


  • 2001 Judicial Research and Training Institute
  • 1997 Korea University, LL.B.


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  • Calculation Method for Gains and Losses from the Sale and Evaluation of Overseas Listed Stocks That Are Excluded from the Amount of Dividend Income, Annotations to Supreme Court Precedents, Supreme Court Library of Korea (2016)
  • Illegal Income and Confiscation and Collection Thereof, Annotations to Supreme Court Precedents, Supreme Court Library of Korea (2016)
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  • Review of the Possibility of Compatibility of Fraud and Misconduct (or Embezzlement), Research on the Practice of Trials, Suwon District Court (2011)
  • Some Issues Relating to the State’s Characteristic as an Employer in the Employment Contracts for Judicial Matters Executed by Administrative Agencies, Research on the Practice of Administrative Trials, Supreme Court Library of Korea (2010)