Hwan Jun Heo Partner
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  • FAX 82 2 6003 7033
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Hwan Jun Heo is the head of the financial regulations practice group at Yoon & Yang LLC.
Mr. Heo previously worked at the Dispute Settlement Department, and the Office of Corporate Disclosure System, and subsequently served as a Senior Examiner at the Capital Markets Investigation Department and the Financial Investment Service Department, as well as a Deputy Director at the Asset Management Supervision Office and the Special Bank Examination Department at the Financial Supervisory Service. He brings over 10 years of experience in these roles, handling capital markets and general financial regulation matters.
Mr. Heo brings a wealth of deep expertise from his time at the Financial Supervisory Service, during when he handled high-profile financial matters, including the remedies and special examinations in respect of subordinate debt insolvency of a savings bank as well as the commercial papers insolvency of the Tongyang Group. In addition to his involvement in major financial cases, he leverages his broad range of experience in corporate disclosure, asset management, financial investment, capital market, bank, consumer protection to provide comprehensive legal advice across the entire span of finance.


  • 2020-present Yoon & Yang LLC
  • 2023-present Member, External Evaluation Committee for Financial Investment Business Accreditation, Financial Supervisory Service
  • 2022-present Member, Financial Industry Group, Advisory Committee, Audit and Inspection Research Institute
  • 2022-present Member, Financial Regulatory Innovation Committee, Financial Services Commission
  • 2022-present Member, Proactive Administration Exemption Advisory Committee, Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea
  • 2021-present Member, Ethics Management Committee, Korea Inclusive Finance Agency
  • 2020-present Director, Korea Financial Law Association
  • 2018-present Expert Advisor, Financial Dispute Settlement Committee, Financial Supervisory Service
  • 2022 Recruitment Examination Member, Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea
  • 2018-20 Yulchon LLC
  • 2017-18 Deputy Director, Asset Management Supervision Office, Financial Supervisory Service
  • 2015-17 Deputy Director, Special Bank Examination Department, Financial Supervisory Service
  • 2013-15 Senior Examiner, Financial Investment Service Department, Financial Supervisory Service
  • 2012-13 Senior Examiner, Capital Markets Investigation Department, Financial Supervisory Service
  • 2010-12 Dispute Settlement Department, Financial Supervisory Service
  • 2008 -10 Office of Corporate Disclosure System, Financial Supervisory Service
  • 2007-08 Deputy Inspector-General, Council of Commissioners’ Office, Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea
  • 2006-07 Deputy Inspector-General, Audit Requests Investigation Bureau, Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea


  • 2019 Konkuk University Graduate School of Real Estate Studies, M.A.
  • 2006 Judicial Research and Training Institute
  • 1995 Seoul National University, B.A.


  • Lawyer of the Year, Financial Regulations, Legal Times (2021)