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Sam Park is a partner at Yoon & Yang LLC and his main practice area is employment and labor.
As an expert in labor laws and administrative affairs, Mr. Park has dealt with a wide variety of relevant cases. For example, he handled enactment and amendment, and administrative interpretation of labor laws at the Legal Administration Team of the Ministry of Labor, participated in administrative litigations regarding unfair dismissal and unfair labor practices and analyzed relevant court decisions at the National Labor Relations Commission, and supported labor administration and labor dispute mediation involving collective labor relations issues, e.g. establishment of labor unions, collective bargaining and strikes, etc., at the Labor-Management Cooperation Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

After joining Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Mr. Park provided legal advice on HR/ER and various labor-related corporate issues, e.g., response to labor supervision, etc. as a principal in-house counsel, and built plenty of experiences in business-related laws including the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act, the Act on Labeling and Advertising, and the Mobile Device Distribution Improvement Act, etc., as the head of the legal affairs team of the Korea Division. Further, based on his experience as the head of the Legal Affairs Team, he obtained first-hand experiences in the overall corporate legal affairs, e.g., HR issues including employment, operation of human resources and disciplinary actions, etc., labor issues including collective bargaining, execution of agreements and response to strikes, provision of legal advice to working-level departments and response to lawsuits, etc.

In particular, as a legal advisor to Samsung Electronics Service’s taskforce for direct employment of workers of its subcontractors, he has made a large contribution to the successful completion of the direct employment procedure.


  • 2024-present Yoon & Yang LLC
  • 2019-23 Head, Legal Affairs Team (Managing Director), Samsung Electronics Service Co., Ltd.
  • 2016-18 Head, Legal Affairs Group, Korea Division of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • 2011-15 Principal In-house Counsel, HR Team of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • 2010-11 Deputy Director, Labor-Management Adjustment, Labor-Management Cooperation Policy Bureau, Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • 2008-09 Deputy Director, Labor-relations Legal Affairs Division, Labor-Management Cooperation Policy Bureau, Ministry of Labor
  • 2006-08 Deputy Director, Legal Support Division, National Labor Relations Commission
  • 2006 Deputy Director, Legal Administration Team, Policy Promotion Management Office of Ministry of Labor


  • 2004 Judicial Research & Training Institute
  • 1999 Hanyang University College of Law, LL.B.

Representative Matters

  • Analyzed types of workers with fixed-term employment agreement and relevant court decisions
  • Examined qualifications of workers in special employment (e.g., caddies, etc.) for establishment of a labor union
  • Examined legitimacy of strikes by labor unions of public institutions and large companies
  • Reviewed manuals regarding multiple labor unions, unification of bargaining channels and time-off workers system, etc. 
  • Handled labor supervision in industrial safety-related cases involving leakage of harmful substances or deaths in workplaces
  • Handled civil litigations regarding prohibition of demonstrations against habitual protesters and criminal litigations regarding business obstruction 
  • Handled occasional labor supervision related to illegal dispatch by subcontractors of Samsung Electronics and litigations to confirm employee status
  • Handled investigations and litigations regarding unfair labor practices by large companies 
  • Handled litigation for damage in relation to labor unions
  • Handled investigations by the Employment and Labor Administration and the Public Prosecutors’ Office in relation to serious disasters
  • Admitted to bar, Korea (2004)

  • Korean and English