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Yoon & Yang LLC is providing public interest legal
services imperative to society

Public Interest Litigation and Legal Consultation
Our Public Interest Litigation Group is carrying out public interest litigations and legal consultations based on comprehensive consideration of the involvement of socially underprivilegedand minorities with respect to violation of human rights, discrimination, and any other unreasonable social issues. More specifically, we have been engaging in various forms of pro bono activities, such as cases on past affairs regarding national violence, litigation on educational rightsand legal support to foreign NGOs.
Hansen Human Rights Group Activity
The Hansen Human Rights Group at the firm has been providing pro bono legal services to Hansen’s disease (i.e., leprosy) patients who have historically been victims of discrimination and exclusion in Korean society. Our Group has successfully claimed compensation for 561 leprosy patients who have been forcefully put into concentration camps by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare before liberation in 1945. Currently, our Group is represents 651 Hansen’s disease patients in a claim for damages for compulsory abortions and vasectomy which took place in Hansen’s disease patients’ village from 1950s to 1980s.
Public Interest Legal Activities for Immigrants
After executing a Memorandum of Understanding withSeongman Migrant Community Service Center, our firm has been regularly providing legal consultation and litigation support for protection of the rights of immigrant workers. We have been providing substantive support on various legal issues faced by immigrants during their stay in Korea, such as delay in payment of wages, occupational accident, criminal cases and domestic cases.
Public Interest Legal Activities in the Area of Environment and Healthcare
Environment and Healthcare are areas which should be protected as fundamental rights of people. However, since these areas have not been recognized with sufficient legal rights, public interest activities of legal professionals are required. Our firm has been engaged in public interest legal activities with various civil society groups which operate with environmental and healthcare issues as their main agenda.
Public Interest Legal Activities for the Homeless
The urban poor and homeless persons are one of the most alienated groups of our society. Homeless people who do have the fundamental right to a dwelling are often exposed to various crimes. Our firm has been providing legal consultations and litigation support twice a month on regular basis with “Action for Homeless”, a human rights group for the homeless.

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