Yoon & Yang’s Litigation/Arbitration Practice is a trusted advisor in various compliance and dispute matters across medical and healthcare industries. Its extensive experience and insights allow the Practice to provide comprehensive and strategic legal counsel to pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment companies, food companies, cosmetic companies, medical institutions and others on an exceptionally large range of issues, such as regulations specific to each industrial sector, licensing, patent application, various IP matters, antitrust and competition, legislative consulting, corporate general matters, and litigation.

Key Services

  • Disputes over various laws and regulations (including antitrust and competition laws) and rules related to medical and healthcare industries (administrative, civil, and criminal litigation)
  • Various disputes related to medical and healthcare industries
  • IP protection in medical and healthcare industries and related disputes
  • Health and medical disputes (litigation for damages and criminal litigation related to medical malpractice, and medical accidents)

Representative Cases

  • Civil, administrative, and criminal cases on Kolon Life Science’s Invossa product
  • Hearing procedure, application for suspension of execution, and litigation on the merits related to various dispositions and orders issued by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to Medytox
  • Litigation seeking for a revocation and suspension of execution of a disposition to adjust the upper limit amount of Promac Tab
  • Litigation case on Contact 600, which is considered a landmark case that set forth the standards in determining product liability for drug products
  • Damages case filed against the National Health Insurance Service on an application of special cases of ingredient combination
  • Damages case filed against a major domestic pharmaceutical company by a national health insurance policyholder who claims that he/she suffered a loss from the
  • pharmaceutical company’s rebate provision for medical institutions
  • Representation of medical doctors in an application for adjudication on the constitutionality of the dual punishment system under the Medical Service Act in a criminal trial pending against the doctors for their alleged violations of the Medical Service Act by receiving rebates
  • Application for a preliminary injunction for a patent infringement with respect to a Prevenar 13 drug product