Yoon & Yang’s Finance Practice offers advice on the digital transformation of financial companies, entry into financial business by platform companies, Big Tech, and fintech companies, new financial businesses, such as P2P, and the financial data industry that is spearheading the data economy. Our Digital Practice provides effective advisory services with its team of attorneys who are well-versed in the regulatory landscape, experienced in advising various financial companies, and highly knowledgeable in the platform business, electronic financial business, and data industries, with cooperation from senior advisors and expert advisors who had served in financial supervisory authorities before joining Yoon & Yang.

Key Services

  • Advising on digital finance-related laws and regulations
  • Advising on licenses, permits, and approvals of financial supervisory authorities
  • Advising on the protection and use of data
  • Advising on electronic financial regulations
  • Advising on cloud computing and outsourcing (outsourcing of data processing)
  • Advising on data security and compliance
  • Advising on innovative financial services, P2P, and crowdfunding
  • Advising on virtual assets and blockchain

Representative Cases

  • Advised a global IT company on the payment business
  • Advised a major domestic e-commerce company on the payment business
  • Advised a major bank, a credit card company, a credit information company (Company CB, etc.) on the My Data business
  • Advised a financial public agency on the My Data support project
  • Advised a major P2P financial company on registration and business regulations
  • Advised a major financial company on the financial supervisory authority’s inspection related to data protection and security
  • Advised a securities firm and an internet company on innovative financial service designation
  • Advised an internet-only bank on business models
  • Advised a financial group on the issuance of an electronic prepayment means
  • Advised NAVER and other major platform companies on financial services
  • Advised a combined financial/non-financial corporate group on the establishment of a big data platform
  • Advised KOFIA on the amendment of its standard form of consent to use information and the terms and conditions of electronic financial transactions
  • Advised a major virtual asset exchange on its overall business