Moon Sung Lee Partner
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Moon Sung Lee is a partner at Yoon & Yang LLC. His main practice area is criminal law.
Moon Sung Lee began his career in public office as a prosecutor at the Jeju District Public Prosecutors' Office. Thereafter, Mr. Lee served as a prosecutor at various districts including at the Yeoju Branch of the Suwon District Public Prosecutors' Office, Suwon District Public Prosecutors' Office, Seoul Southern District Public Prosecutor's Office, Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office, Ulsan District Public Prosecutor's Office, and Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, and finally at the Suwon High Prosecutors’ Office.


  • 2020-present Yoon & Yang LLC
  • 2021-present Director, Alico Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • 2020-present Attorney Advisory, Yongin City
  • 2019-20 Prosecutor, Suwon High Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2018 Chief Prosecutor, 1st Criminal Division, Goyang Branch, Uijeongbu District Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2017 Chief Prosecutor, 4th Criminal Division, Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2016 Chief Prosecutor, Jeonju District Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2014 Prosecutor, Gwangju High Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2014 Chief Prosecutor, Public Security Department of the Changwon District Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2013 Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2011 Legal Advisor, National Intelligence Service Korea
  • 2011 Prosecutor, Ulsan District Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2009 Research Officer, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2005 Prosecutor, Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2003 Prosecutor, Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2002 Prosecutor, Yeoju branch of Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office
  • 2000 Prosecutor, Jeju District Prosecutors’ Office


  • 2000 29th Class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute
  • 1993 Korea University College of Law, LL.B.

Representative Matters

  • Advised companies on the Serious Accident Punishment Act
  • Advised auto parts manufacturers on issues related to illegal dispatch of employees
  • Advised on industrial safety related incidents, including accidents at construction sites
  • Advised large corporations on management disputes
  • Advised on corporate finance-related issues such as accounting fraud by large corporations
  • Advised large financial institutions on sale of funds
  • Advised pharmaceutical companies on alleged violations of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act in connection with rebates
  • Advised large hospitals on alleged violation of the Medical Service Act


  • 2008 Prime Minister Citation (public security)
  • 2004 Public Prosecutor General Citation (prosecution)


  • Commentary on Labor Law, Supreme Prosecutors' Office (co-authored, 2011)
  • Commentary on Foreign Election Law, Supreme Prosecutors' Office (co-authored, 2010)