Yoon & Yang’s Finance Practice offers advice on all aspects of the operation and business of banks and financial holding companies, including the transfer of obtaining the licenses/permits, governance, internal controls, business conduct, cooperation among subsidiaries in the affiliated financial group, new investments, FSS examination response, litigation, and disputes. By cooperation of attorneys with an in-depth understanding of the banking industry and financial holding companies, and expert advisors who formerly served in financial supervisory authorities, the Practice provides preeminent legal services to assist the management activities of banks and financial holding companies with integrated legal advice for the clients’ various needs.

Key Services

  • Advising on the laws, regulations, and best practices related to banks and financial holding companies
  • Advising on the release of new products and services
  • Advising on licenses/permits under the financial laws and regulations
  • Advising on filings, reports, and approvals submitted to and obtained from financial supervisory authorities
  • Advising on examinations and sanctions performed and issued by financial supervisory authorities
  • Litigation and dispute resolution

Representative Cases

  • Advised a bank on the establishment of overseas subsidiaries (Southeast Asia and Central Asia) and licenses/permits
  • Advised on the establishment of an internet-only bank
  • Advised on the operation of financial holding company-bank combined stores
  • Advised a bank on the acquisition of a credit card company as a subsidiary
  • Advised financial holding companies and banks on governance (including the qualifications of compliance officers, concurrent holding of positions, and recommendation of officers)
  • Offered integrated consulting services to financial holding companies and banks in preparation for the enforcement of the Act on the Protection of Financial Consumers
  • Advised financial holding companies and banks on hedge funds, including DLF and Lime Fund, among others
  • Responded to disputes, litigation, and inspections related to KIKO, DLF, Lime, and other hedge funds
  • Responded to financial supervisory authority inspections of and sanctions on major banks in connection with the so-called hedge fund scandal
  • Responded to FSS full-scope examinations of financial holding companies and banks
  • Responded to targeted inspections related to anti-money laundering, financial transaction information, financial accidents, and specified money trusts