Environmental concerns have never been more important, and it continues to grow. In addition, energy and resource development, securement, efficient management are now a crucial part of both national economy and national competitiveness. In response to the continued rise of related litigation/arbitration cases, Yoon & Yang’s Litigation/Arbitration Practice sets itself apart from others by leveraging its robust relationship with key experts in intellectual property, finance, tax, environment, and M&A.

Key Services

  • Responding to various domestic and foreign regulations related to climate change, green growth, and carbon neutral, and resolving related disputes
  • Offering legal advice and resolving disputes to protect intellectual property rights in the course of a technology transfer
  • Advising on all issues related to M&As, tax benefits, various licenses/permits, and environmental impact assessments
  • Advising on all issues related to carbon trading
  • Providing advisory and administrative appeal/administrative litigation services related to all aspects of environmental laws and regulations, including those related to air, water, waste, soil pollution/contamination, and hazardous chemical substances
  • Conducting compliance reviews of provisions related to environmental laws and regulations
  • Providing advisory and dispute response services related to energy/resource development at home and abroad


Representative Cases

  • Legal advice for Company L (a large domestic company) on chemical product advertising and safety, and representation of the same in a criminal case
  • Arbitration case on an Ambatovy nickel mine development project in Madagascar
  • Legal advice for a client in a dispute related to the acquisition of the shares and management rights of Pakistani hydroelectric power company Star Hydro Power Limited
  • Audi Volkswagen’s criminal case on a violation of the Clean Air Conservation Act related to the Dieselgate scandal
  • Company L’s (a large domestic company) dispute related to soil contamination caused by a smelter
  • Company K’s (a domestic public enterprise) damages case on soil contamination
  • Responses to various administrative dispositions issued to an environment-related company and representation of the same in litigation seeking for a revocation of such dispositions