A leader in delivering results for clients, Yoon & Yang’s China Team is deeply experienced in both domestic and foreign disputes related to Korean companies’ entry into China, Chinese companies’ entry into Korea, Chinese companies and the Chinese market. In order to provide a client-centric advice specific to the Chinese region, a trusted team must bring professional knowledge, industry experience and proficiency in Chinese of professionals that specialize in the China practice.

Yoon & Yang has established a strong reputation as a pioneer in this area, approaching novel and unexplored legal matters with vigor and open-mindedness for clients, thereby setting numerous precedent-setting firsts in Korea—the first KOSDAQ listing of a Chinese company, the first-ever anti-competition law exclusion decision for a joint venture company established by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and a Korean company, and the first-ever listing of an ETF investing in Mainland Chinese shares on the Korean marketable securities market. The China Team contributes regularly to thought leadership by stepping into the clients’ shoes and understanding client needs with precision in order to provide client-focused services that matter.

Key Services

  • Advising on overall investment matters, including reviewing laws and regulations, drafting agreements and articles of incorporation, and establishing local subsidiaries
  • Offering legal advice on M&As, performing legal due diligence, and drafting and advising on related agreements
  • Drafting and advising on documents related to loans, securities, financing, real estate
  • Advising and representing clients in matters related to tax, labor, technology transfer, trademark, and patent
  • Advising and representing clients in disputes related to debt/claim collection, preservation measures, arbitration, litigation, and compulsory execution
  • Advising Chinese clients on various Korean laws, including those related to domestic corporate law, IPOs, M&As, PEFs, taxes, and labor
  • Representing Chinese clients in various litigation, including those related to domestic civil/criminal cases, taxes, administrative cases, family law, IP, and labor


Representative Cases

Korean companies’ investment, M&A, and financing in China

  • Advised on an establishment of a joint venture company in China
  • Advised on an establishment of a local subsidiary in China (mobile, construction, game, real estate, and auto lease)
  • Advised on a building unit-sale project in Beijing, a real estate development project in Changchun, a purchase agreement for a building in Beijing, and an agreement on the transfer of the right to use land
  • Advised on a machinery supply and technology support agreement for a Chinese company
  • Advised on a trademark assignment agreement with a Chinese company
  • Advised GH on the transfer pricing taxation system
  • Advised on an assignment of interest (and/or debt-equity swap) of a Chinese golf club company, a chemical fiber company, a real estate company, a construction company, and an IT company
  • Negotiated and advised on a sale of shares of a domestic oil company to a Chinese company
  • Advised a domestic company on an assignment of its Chinese factory
  • Advised a domestic company on an assignment of its interest in a Chinese-Taiwanese company
  • Advised on the outsourced management of a manufacturing corporation in China
  • Advised Korea Investment Management on the listing of a Chinese A share-related ETF on the Korea Exchange (first-ever listing of a Chinese share ETF)
  • Advised SC on its establishment of a subsidiary
  • Advised HV on its bank borrowing project
  • Advised HB on its real estate development project financing
  • Advised KM on its Chinese real estate private equity trust project
  • Advised on China’s tree fund and gold fund
  • Advised on ship mortgage, foreign security agreements, and the exercise of security rights in China
  • Advised DA on the receipt of Chinese non-performing loans and the transfer of loans
  • Advised Chinese Company YW on overall matters related to an acquisition of a listed corporation and business combination reports
  • A Chinese company’s acquisition of assets in Korea
  • Advised Taiwan-based Fair Friend on its acquisition of a Korean manufacturing corporation
  • Advised Chinese Company MT on its establishment of an aluminum factory
  • Advised Chinese Company B on its casino business acquisition deal
  • Advised China’s CDB on its loan to a Jeju real estate development project
  • Advised Chinese Company ZH on a trust composed of Korean company shares
  • Advised a Chinese company on the establishment of a Korean local subsidiary and the closure of offices
  • Advised Chinese Company AC on its acquisition of a semiconductor production line
  • Advised Taiwanese Company TR on country of origin
  • Advised Shenzhen 3NOD Digital on overall matters related to KOSDAQ listing (first-ever in Korea)
  • Advised Fujian-based DD and Guangzhou-based WF on KOSDAQ listing
  • Advised Fujian-based CM on the listing on the securities market
  • Advised a Korean company on licensing-related damages claim and trademark registration cancellation/patent infringement litigation
  • Advised a Korean company on China-Taiwan trade dispute, trade arbitration, and preliminary attachment cases, among others
  • Advised a Korean company on its criminal litigation in China
  • Advised a Korean company on its arbitration and civil litigation cases in Shanghai
  • Advised Chinese companies in various regions in China (Henan, Liaoning, Hebei, Jiangsu, Hubei, Shandong, among others) and Taiwanese companies on cases regarding trade claims, penalty claims, claims for price of goods, negotiations for the recovery of export price, decisions on the enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Advised a Chinese company on criminal complaint and criminal cases in Korea
  • Advised Korean Companies KH and DI on China’s anti-dumping case regarding corrugated cardboards
  • Represented Chinese Company GZ in Korean anti-dumping case regarding sodium hydrosulfite, and handled the retrial case
  • Represented Chinese companies in Korean anti-dumping cases regarding tiles, glass, and ethyl acetate