Based on its extensive expertise and experience in domestic and overseas IP disputes, including patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets, as well as IP prosecution, Yoon & Yang’s Intellectual Property Practice provides integrated legal services on establishing and supplementing policies and strategies for IP protection and infringement prevention, training for compliance with IP policies or other related internal regulations, compliance reviews, and management of risks from IP-related disputes.

Key Services

  • Conducting prior art research, creating patent maps, and analyzing patent technology to establish R&D strategies
  • Advising on IP portfolio creation as a method to respond to competitors
  • Conducting FTO (freedom-to-operate) analyses, such as analyzing scope of rights of patents, determining existence of infringement, and offering related legal advice
  • Providing legal advice and training on the management of documents, materials, and other information to prevent risk of IP-related disputes
  • Providing legal advice and training to protect trade secrets and prevent risk of infringement-related disputes in the course of hiring, employing, transferring, and terminating officers and employees
  • Providing legal advice on employee invention compensation policies
  • Advising on technology export regulations and related administrative procedures
  • Establishing strategies and providing assistance regarding foreign IP-related disputes (including discovery assistance, management, and performance)

Representative Cases

  • Advised companies including a domestic semiconductor company and a secondary cell company on designing and implementing policies to prevent potential disputes related to the hiring of experienced employees
  • Advised a major national technology-holding institution on data compliance and trade secret protection matters
  • Advised companies including a domestic semiconductor company and a secondary cell company on management on matters concerning domestic and overseas IP disputes
  • Advised a leading domestic shipping company on the national core technology preliminary determination and export approval procedures
  • Advised a domestic self-driving technology company on data and national core technology protection matters
  • Created a patent portfolio and conducted patent anlaysis for a domestic 3D printing company
  • Conducted patent infringement review and FTO (freedom-to-operate) analysis for a domestic anticancer bio company
  • Offered consulting to a public enterprise in the secure printing sector on IP portfolio creation and other IP-related issues