When engaging in transactions involving intellectual property rights and intangible assets, companies must address potential risks of IP infringement and issues concerning intangible assets by developing and implementing an effective strategy that maximizes their interests while considering other related issues such as antitrust and competition, tax, business alliance, investment, and finance.

Key Services

Advice and litigation related to IP transactions
  • IP license, assignment, and other transfer agreements
  • Joint development of IP, M&A of IP-related companies, and joint ventures
  • IP-related investments and purchases
  • IP due diligence

Advice and litigation related to IP commercialization
  • IP commercialization, monetization, and securitization
  • Technological cooperation and alliance with respect to IP
  • Establishment of an IP-based joint venture
  • FTO (Freedom to Operation) analysis

Advice and litigation related to industry-specific IP businesses
  • Automotive, aerospace, shipping, communications, ICT, computers, and technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Representative Cases

  • Advised a Japanese company regarding the drafting, negotiating and implementing patent license agreements related to its construction material business, optoelectronics business, and new material business
  • Advised and represented a domestic chicken company regarding the drafting, negotiating and implementing a franchise agreement and protecting related trade secrets
  • Advised on patent prosecution issues in connection with a golf-related solutions system
  • Advised a domestic fashion company regarding the drafting, negotiating and implementing licensing agreements and collaboration agreements with overseas partners
  • Advised on patent infringement issues related to the operation and repair of a power plant resulting a change in vendor
  • Reviewed and advised on display IP-related agreements
  • Advised Incheon Customs on IP protection
  • Performed a legal due diligence review for technology and trade secret acquisition concerning battery copper foils, semiconductor blank masks, and PET films