Yoon & Yang LLC offers holistic legal services from the tender to the entire construction stage of overseas construction, including from the drafting and review of bid proposals and other documents related to overseas construction, the negotiation of contractual terms, and the drafting of EPC contracts to representation in legal issues related to the dispatch of workers to foreign construction sites and negotiations with related agencies and companies. In particular, Yoon & Yang’s Overseas Construction Team is expanding its business scope by drafting various agreements and responding to disputes related to the shipbuilding industry. Yoon & Yang’s Overseas Construction Team provides guidelines on how to handle poison pill clauses in agreements by thoroughly reviewing the local laws of the country in which the foreign construction site is located and gives general legal advice on a project by drafting necessary official documents and devising response measures available under the relevant agreements in a timely manner in a foreign construction project. In addition, it also provides effective legal services in international arbitration, domestic arbitration, and local/domestic litigation that arises in connection with overseas construction in close cooperation with foreign partner agencies (law firms and others) as well as its own professionals.

Key Services

Overseas construction contracts and implementation management

  • Drafting bid proposals and contracts
  • Interpreting local laws (responding to legal issues related to construction projects in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America)
  • Offering assistance in negotiations with project owners and subcontractors
  • Preparing manuals for dispute prevention
  • Tasks related to the dispatch of workers to foreign sites and representing clients in headquarters-site collaboration

Overseas construction dispute response

  • Responding to disputes related to overseas construction (international arbitration, mediation, and others)
  • Responding to disputes related to shipbuilding, repair, and performance bonds
  • Responding to disputes related to licenses and patents


Representative Cases

  • Responded to a dispute regarding compensation related to a construction carried out in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. (alternative dispute resolution)
  • Responded to a dispute related to the construction of the Hanoi Metro
  • Offered on-site consulting and assistance in the preparation of a Variation Order, and reviewed the dispatch of workers to a bridge construction site in the Philippines,
  • Offered assistance in litigation regarding foreign construction in Dubai and Qatar (offered advice and reviewed jurisdiction)
  • Offered legal consulting on overseas construction to companies and advised SMEs
  • Advised on an expressway construction project in Uganda, Africa
  • Reviewed a dispute regarding the EPC agreement and the hydroelectric power purchase agreement related to a hydroelectric power plant in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  • International arbitration seated in Dubai regarding the unjust cancellation of a shipbuilding agreement
  • Advised on a guarantee provided by a parent company in connection with a shipbuilding agreement
  • Advised on an agreement regarding the repair of a FPSO (floating production storage and offloading) in South America