With respect to numerous types of derivatives transactions executed by domestic and foreign companies and financial companies, Yoon & Yang’s Finance Practice offers integrated advisory services on derivative instruments ranging from the preliminary review of regulations under statutes applicable to derivatives transactions, licenses/permits of government agencies, and structuring derivatives-related agreements, to the alignment of financial institutions’ internal regulations related to derivatives instruments. Our Derivatives Practice has delivered unparalleled results especially in the field of derivatives transaction-related disputes and sanctions.

Key Services

  • Advising on on-/off-exchange derivatives transactions, repurchase agreement transactions, derivatives-linked securities, and structured transactions
  • Advising on various laws and regulations, including the Capital Markets Act, related to derivative instruments and related transactions
  • Aligning the derivative instrument agreements and internal regulations of financial companies
  • Handling litigations and various disputes related to derivative instruments
  • Advising clients in inspections and sanctions conducted and issued by supervisory authorities in connection with derivatives transactions

Representative Cases

  • Advised a major securities firm on the transaction structure of a contract for difference (CFD) product
  • Advised a large listed company on ISDA in connection with commodity derivatives
  • Advised on overall matters related to ISDA, including advice on the ISDA Schedule offered to an asset management company related to the management of variable annuities and advice on ISDA VM CSA offered to a life insurance company
  • Reviewed and advised on the OTC derivatives-related internal regulations of a major securities firm
  • Improved and advised on the OTC derivatives transaction agreement of a major securities firm
  • Criminal litigation related to Deutsche Securities’ so-called option shock case
  • Criminal litigation regarding the violation of the Capital Markets Act related to equity-linked warrant (ELW) scalpers
  • Represented major financial companies in various litigation, dispute, and sanction cases related to derivative instruments, including KIKO, TRS, and DLS