Yoon & Yang’s Litigation/Arbitration Practice offers trusted and effective legal representation based on its extensive experience and industry expertise in a wide range of employment and labor issues. In addition to dismissals, disciplinary actions as well as claims for wages, the Practice assists with litigation on re-establishment of legal principles related to ordinary wages and extension of retirement age, litigation seeking for a confirmation of in-house subcontracting (dispatch) workers’ employee status, litigation related to the lawfulness of hiring non-regular workers, industrial accidents, workplace harassment, punishment of serious accidents, multiple trade unions, and unfair labor practices.

Key Services

  • Representing clients in litigation on the National Labor Relations Commission relief applications and confirmations of dismissal nullification
  • Representing clients in cases on various allowance claims based on changes in wages, severance pay, and ordinary wages
  • Representing clients in litigation on hiring non-regular workers, such as dispatch and part-time workers
  • Representing clients in civil preliminary injunction and damages litigation cases on trade union activities and illegal industrial actions
  • Representing clients in labor-related criminal cases on violation of the Labor Standards Act and the Trade Union and Labor Relations Adjustment Act
  • Representing clients in litigation on management of multiple trade unions, bargaining window simplification process, and other bargaining processes
  • Representing clients in industrial accident litigation related to medical care benefits, temporary layoff benefits, disability benefits, and survivors’ benefits


Representative Cases

  • Supreme Court’s en banc public pleading case related to the Dispatch Act (selected as the representative court decision of the year of 2008 by The Hankyoreh)
  • Administrative litigation, filed by the bereaved family, related to an industrial accident that resulted in the death of a worker at a semiconductor factory of Company S
  • Employee status confirmation case filed by the employees of subcontractors working in-house for Company H and many of its affiliates
  • Employee status confirmation case filed by the employees of subcontractors working in-house for shipbuilding companies, manufacturing companies, service providers, and public enterprises
  • Representation of Company K in ordinary wage claim cases
  • Representation of Company I, Company D, and Company H in disciplinary action and dismissal nullification confirmation cases
  • Cases on a revocation of dispositions for disciplinary action, dismissal, and removal issued to public officials at the National Police Agency, the Prosecutors’ Office, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and the Ministry of Unification
  • Representation in litigation (as a supplementary intervention) requesting for a revocation of a disposition to refuse medical care for an industrial accident related to Company H