Since the inception of the Business Group Bureau, the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) has strengthened regulations on affiliate transactions with respect to medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies. In particular, the KFTC is increasingly filing criminal charges against individuals, including senior officers and shareholders, who have directed or involved in affiliate transactions. Reflecting such trends, Yoon & Yang’s Antitrust & Competition Practice is achieving best results in addressing affiliate transaction issues faced by both large and medium-sized corporate groups by providing initial assessments, responding to the KFTC’s investigations, and representing clients in related litigation

Key Services

Responding to KFTC investigation and deliberation
  • Responding to on-site investigations and analyzing materials kept in custody
  • Representing clients in in-person investigations and digital forensic processes, and analyzing documents
  • Reviewing examiner’s reports and evidentiary materials, establishing defense strategies, and submitting opinions to the KFTC
  • Submitting initial opinion to the KFTC, and responding to the full commission’s deliberations

Representing clients in objections to the KFTC dispositions and administrative litigation
Representing clients in criminal proceedings
  • Representing and defending accused companies and individuals in criminal proceedings

Providing ex-ante assessment and training, and establishing compliance programs
  • Inspecting and monitoring legal compliance, assessing legal risks, and operating compliance programs

Representative Cases

  • Corporate Group H’s IT-related affiliate transactions
  • Hanjin Group’s affiliate transactions
  • LS Group’s unfair assistance to affiliates
  • Company H’s logistics-related affiliate transactions
  • Taekwang Group’s affiliate transactions
  • SPC Group’s affiliate transactions
  • Company S’ food service-related affiliate transactions
  • Corporate Group D’s affiliate transactions
  • Corporate Group E’s affiliate transactions
  • Compliance diagnosis and implementation for many large and medium-sized corporate groups