As the demand for effective and conclusive resolution of disputes via international arbitration continues to grow and the expanding areas of disputes are often interlinked with a considerable level of complexity, abilities to carry out intricate legal analysis, foster a global network and to appreciate diverse linguistic/cultural nuances is key to an optimal outcome. Based on its vast experience in global dispute resolution, International Arbitration & Litigation Team has successful handled a wide array of disputes in multiple jurisdictions. It also handles effective enforcement strategies in conjunction with the dispute resolution process.

Key Services

  • International construction contracts
  • International commercial transactions (trade)
  • Joint venture agreements and international finance
  • Technology transfer/introduction or license agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Broadcasting/information & communications technology (ICT), intellectual property (IP)
  • Maritime & shipping
  • International investment agreements and international investment arbitration
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions or foreign arbitral awards


Representative Cases

International Arbitration

  • ICC arbitration case on a domestic foundation’s joint venture with a U.S. defense contractor
  • ICC arbitration case on a U.K. design company’s construction contract with a domestic construction company
  • ICC arbitration case on a Swiss pharmaceutical company’s technology introduction agreement with a domestic pharmaceutical company
  • ICC arbitration case on a domestic steel company’s company acquisition agreement with a foreign investment company
  • International arbitration case (KCAB arbitration) on a dispute under a technology license agreement and parts supply agreement between Indonesia-based Korindo Practice Group and Hyundai Motor
  • ICC arbitration case where Italy-based global naval artillery manufacturer OTO Melara S.P.A claimed damages against Hyundai Wia for naval artillery manufacturing trade secret infringement
  • Representation of a domestic steel company in an SIAC arbitration proceeding regarding a breach of a product supply agreement (damage of imported goods) with a UAE company, and legal advice on the same
  • Joint representation of a domestic corporation with a foreign law firm in an American Arbitration Association (AAA) international arbitration proceeding requested by a foreign company against the domestic corporation, which had been subject to a rehabilitation procedure in Korea
  • JCAA international arbitration case requested by a domestic company against a Japanese company
  • Republic of Korea government’s investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) case on a land expropriation raised under the Korea-United States FTA

International Litigation

  • SK Hynix’s international litigation cases with Toshiba and SanDisk heard by a Japanese court and a U.S. court regarding its alleged infringement of industrial technologies and trade secrets
  • Class action litigation case for damages filed by U.S. instant noodle consumers against a domestic instant noodle manufacturer/seller at U.S. federal courts in Los Angeles and San Francisco for allegedly raising the price of instant noodles through price-fixing
  • Legal advice for an Indonesian subsidiary of POSCO in a litigation seeking for a nullification and setting aside of an arbitral award rendered in Indonesia
  • Litigation for damages filed by more than 1,000 shippers against Hyundai Mipo Duckyard at a court in New York following the sinking of the MSC Carla vessel, which was lengthened by Hyundai Mipo Duckyard, in the Atlantic Ocean (litigation value: approximately KRW 200 billion)
  • Austrian court litigation case on a domestic manufacturer’s U.S. joint venture agreement with an Austrian manufacturer
  • U.S. Federal Court of Louisiana litigation on a domestic manufacturer’s product liability case in the U.S.
  • U.S. Federal Court of the State of New York litigation case on derivative instruments traded between a U.S. securities firm and multiple domestic securities firms
  • U.S. Federal Court of the State of California litigation case on a domestic bakery company’s distribution agreement with a U.S. retail company
  • Hong Kong court litigation case between multiple domestic banks and multiple French banks regarding a forgery of letters of credit
  • German court litigation case between a domestic bakery company and a U.S. bakery company regarding product trademarks and design rights
  • Singaporean court litigation case between a domestic vessel management company and a Singaporean shipping company regarding a vessel arrest