The size and the scope of corporate activities are expanding, and the social demand for compliance management and corporate social responsibility is rising. Accordingly, a large percentage of criminal trials reach beyond the traditional crimes prescribed by the Criminal Act, such as embezzlement and breach of trust, and now involve violations of various special laws and regulations, including those related to unfair trade, capital markets, workplace safety and health, and trade secret protection. In response to this dynamic regime, Yoon & Yang’s Criminal Response Practice has implemented a collaborative relationship among a deep bench of attorneys with knowledge and experience in the relevant practice areas, including real estate, construction, tax, administrative matters, labor, finance, securities, IP, broadcasting, communications, and entertainment. In addition, the Practice readily coordinates with the Investigation Response Team that defended clients at the investigation stage in order to provide an active defense that ensures the most favorable outcome for the client.

Key Services

  • Defending criminal defendants
  • Representing victims in criminal trials

Representative Cases

  • Company N’s violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act with respect to its officers and employees
  • Company S’s violation of the Capital Markets Act
  • A high-level government official’s abuse of authority
  • Company P’s technology leak case