Investigations by the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) are frequent on cartel activities, and the results of the investigations have a huge impact on companies. Yoon & Yang’s Antitrust & Competition Practice has an excellent track record in defending clients throughout the entire process of cartel investigations by the KFTC and related litigation. The Practice also been accumulating outstanding accomplishments in representing clients in multi-jurisdictional cartel cases by working closely with foreign law firms.

Key Services

KFTC’s cartel investigations
  • Representing clients in on-site investigations and analyzing materials kept in custody
  • Attending interviews and participating in digital forensic processes
  • Assessing examiner’s reports and evidentiary materials, designing defense strategies, and preparing response opinions
  • Addressing preliminary opinion submission processes and full commission deliberations

Proceedings challenging the KFTC’s dispositions Civil and criminal litigation
  • Representing clients in civil litigation or defending clients in criminal proceedings related to antitrust and competition violations
Compliance programs
  • Risk diagnosis and prevention
  • Designing, implementing and monitoring compliance programs

Representative Cases

  • Steel makers’ rebar price-fixing case
  • Four domestic duty-free shop operators’ collusion case
  • Multiple shipping companies’ shipping service bid-rigging case
  • General insurance companies’ general aviation insurance bid-rigging case
  • Bid-rigging case related to the annual unit price agreement for asphalt concrete awarded by the Public Procurement Service in the Gwangju, Jeollanam-do area
  • Conveyor belt price-fixing and bid-rigging case
  • Steel makers’ iron scrap price-fixing case
  • Domestic and foreign auto parts manufacturers’ price-fixing and bid-rigging case
  • Case involving price-fixing by manufacturers and distributors of large commercial vehicles (trucks)
  • Instant noodle manufacturer’s price-fixing case
  • Airlines’ air cargo price-fixing case