Depending on the nature of each case, Yoon & Yang’s Litigation/Arbitration Practice develops a collaborative relationship with attorneys rich with expertise and experience in related practice areas, such as white-collar crimes, employment & labor, and workplace safety. It also enjoys a strategic nexus with the Investigation Response Team as well in order to analyze the most advantageous direction for clients and to build the corresponding response measures. By handling disputes, including inspections as per client requests, and quickly devising solutions that matter, the Practice provides legal advice that minimize management risks from corporate criminal issues, prevent further spread of damage, and contribute to establishing compliance/transparent management systems.

Key Services

White-collar crimes

  • Embezzlement and breach of trust
  • Window dressing
  • Market price manipulation
  • A company’s illegal assistance to its affiliates

Employment & labor

  • Large-scale litigation claiming wages
  • Prior determination of whether an accident constitutes an industrial accident, and litigation for a review of a decision to refuse medical care
  • Litigation for confirmation of dismissal invalidation

Workplace safety

  • Workplace safety
  • Industrial accident/criminal cases related to serious accidents and workplace safety and health


Representative Cases

White-collar crimes

  • Violation of the Aviation Safety Act by the Vice President of an airline
  • Embezzlement and violations of the Banking Act and the Financial Holding Companies Act by the President of Bank S
  • Breach of fiduciary duties (non-performing loans or poor managerial judgment) by the Representative Director of a savings bank, the Representative Director of

Merchant Bank K, the Vice Chairperson of Cable Company K, and the President of Merchant Bank K

  • Acceptance of property through arrangement by the President of a construction company of Corporate Group P
  • Specific economic crimes committed by Representative C, the Chairperson of Corporate Group S, the Chairperson of Savings Bank T, the President of the Japanese

subsidiary of Corporate Group C, the Chairperson of Company M, the Representative of Marine Company S, and the Vice Chairperson of Corporate Group K

  • Case on the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (breach of trust); case on the receipt of bribes in breach of trust by a former

Representative Director of Coffee Chain H and the Representative Director of Coffee Chain T

  • A foreign auto parts company’s unfair labor practice case
  • A leading domestic telecom company’s unfair labor practice case related to a disadvantageous treatment of employees who joined trade unions
  • A car company’s illegal dispatch dispute case
  • Criminal cases on a violation of the Act on the Protection of Temporary Agency Workers by an electronics service company, and a semiconductor company
  • Criminal case on a violation of the Minimum Wage Act by a shipbuilding company
  • Criminal cases on a crane accident at a construction site in Seongsu-dong, and an accident at an apartment construction site in Seogyo-dong
  • Criminal cases on dump truck collision accidents at construction sites, asphyxiation accidents near blast furnaces, and falling accidents at thermal power plant
  • Criminal cases on accidents at apartment construction sites, sewer pipe repair sites, and subway station building construction sites